About myself

I am passionate about yoga and the health and wellbeing benefits that it brings when practised regularly. I first encountered yoga when I was in my 20s. I was the youngest person (by far) in the group and I felt embarrassed and out of place so I stopped going. Then about 20 years later I was looking for a new form of regular exercise that I would enjoy. I had been a member of several gyms but never managed to attend on a regular basis. I love swimming but not if the pool is crowded, so that was also not an option. In 2011 I was looking for another yoga class, to try again, and I was introduced to a Dru yoga teacher.

I regularly attended my new Dru yoga class and the benefits quickly became apparent. I am more flexible. I have a greater range of movement. I am calmer, more relaxed and happier than I had been for quite some time. To begin with I never expected any emotional releases but there have been quite a few! I would never have believed we hold such negative emotions within our bodies if I had not experienced the release myself. This encouraged me to take a yoga teacher training course and to begin teaching yoga myself.

My yoga has given me the tools and techniques needed to know myself. It has taught me to accept myself as I am today. My confidence and self-esteem have both grown as I have accepted the knowledge about myself that Dru yoga has helped me to unlock and see.